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Ahmad Arafaa

“ I studied Building Engineering and had to stop my study because of the war.
I lived in Syria with my parents, my two brothers, my sister and a cat named Techno. When I came home from college or working at the bakery, we would always have dinner together and talk about our day. Sometimes I would meet my friends at night. We would meet at home or in town. My life was meaningful.

I fled from Syria all by myself. I lived in Heumensoord, Nijmegen for four months in a room with 7 others. The lectures of Food for Thought challenged me which and made me feel very good. After Heumensoord I was transferred to an emergency shelter in Deventer to a room with 4 other refugees who are all from Syria, just like me. Although I have to share my room with less people in this new shelter, I miss Nijmegen and all the activities that where being organized by the volunteers.
I am a member of the Facebook page Refugees in The Netherlands – Deventer, where I am able to meet Dutch people to expand my social life. I have made a couple of new friends there. I think the Dutch students are well privileged with the opportunities and chances they have. The most important thing is that they are safe here. They don’t have to worry about war. I would like to share my story with them and I’m hoping to get more integrated in their culture and language. I would also like exchange knowledge and find out if there are differences and learn from each other.

My wish is to finish my study and help rebuilding the infrastructure and modernizing the buildings in Syria which are totally destroyed. ”