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22 years old, Damascus/Swaida, Refugees

Study: Psychology/IT engineering
At: University of Damascus
“ My name is Adnan Mohieddin.

I am from Aleppo Syria.
I was studying Mechanical Engineering. Currently I’m staying in the Koepel in the city of Arnhem, where the living conditions are good.
A small problem for me is to learn the Dutch language. It’s a bit difficult, but I get help from a lot of Dutch people.
They help me with the language and preparing a registration at the university. Recently I got my permit and got a DUO loan from the government to participate in the Dutch language course and to receive support for education. It has warmth my heart to the extent that after months of waiting I am finally able to provide my brain with some Food for Thought ;-)
In the future I would like to give something in return to the Netherlands. Because this country gave me a lot. It is safe here and I am thankful for that! I’ve met a lot of Dutch students and I think they have better live conditions compared to Syria, but I am convinced this will change and everyone will be equal some day. I wish to complete my study and develop my skills, because education is the only key to be successful. I also wish to make real friends in the Netherlands and maybe I’d like to go and live in a big city like Rotterdam or Utrecht. I hope to work with the United Nations or the Red Cross to help people around the world. ”