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Anas Hodaifa/Mohanad Said
22 years old, Damascus/Swaida, Refugees

Study: Psychology/IT engineering
At: University of Damascus
“ Anas Hodaifa
22 years old, from Syria Swaida,I studied psychology for two years in Damascus university and tried to continue studying there. But the situation was very bad. So I decided to leave Syria and come to the Netherlands in september 2015.My life here now feals good. I started Dutch courses and my plan for the future is to study IT engineering and find a respectable job.

Mohanad Said.
22 years old, from Syria Damascus, I studied IT engineering at the Damascus university but I didn't finish my study there because of the war. So I travelled to Jordan and stay there for to years. I decided to travel to the Netherlands and try to continue my study there and start with a new life. ”