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“ My name is Hiba Mufeed Kanaan.

I studied Economics. I fled from Syria together with my daughter because of the dangerous situation there.
Thanks to internet I am able to have contact with my husband, but for my daughter it is hard missing her father.
Before the war started in Syria, I used to live in our family home with my lovely brothers and sisters. I’d go to the university and meet my friends. I was always analyzing everything and discussing the Economy of the country. Back home I would read my lectures for the day. Before going to sleep I’d read the weekly magazine Al Eqtesadia.
My father supported me, my brothers and my sisters financially to be able to study, because he and my mother believed in the importance of obtaining knowledge and studying. Unfortunately I’m worried now about my father and mother, who are so far away from me…
I currently live in Heumensoord with my daughter. The nights are difficult because of the noise of too many people sharing a tent, but during the day I am walking with my daughter through the woods where it is very peaceful.
I’ve met some Dutch students and I think they are very lucky to be able to study here and live in freedom.
My dream for the future is to continue my Master degree as a Doctor in Economics in the Netherlands and find new (international) theories on developing the world economy. ”