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“ My name is Naja Alhadi.

I’m from Syria and I studied Business Administration.
Everyone has a dream or a goal to reach in his life, my dream had always been to study business and be an effective member in the society. In 2013 I achieved the first step towards that dream and graduated at the University, holding a Master degree in Business Administration.
I accomplished part of my study among the bullets, bombing and explosions, but I did not give those bullets or bombs a chance to force me let go my dream. But, unfortunately the situation went worse after a few years, and I had to seek a safer place to live and achieve my next goal, so I came to Netherlands on October, 2015.
I live in Heumensoord where the conditions are not ideal: I live with 13 people in one room for example, but we will not die, which is a good thing. I spend my days reading, learning Dutch, socializing and waiting for the residence permit which causes me a lot of stress. ☹
In five years from now, I’m hoping to be holding a PhD in business and teaching in a beautiful university or running my own business.

Dear Dutch students: what you have now, we never had...
I wish you never have what we had...