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“ My name is Mgrdich Amroian.

I am Armenian, but I was born and lived in Aleppo, Syria.
After my high school graduation I started my study as a Dental Technician in the University of Aleppo. I was a student when the war became the main situation of my country. Just six months before my graduation I had to quit. In those years I used to spent my time studying and practicing in a laboratory supported by my parents and my aunt. But the bad situation of the country affected the whole population and caused them to be worried and anxious; fearing for their lives.

I found that the better living condition, the creativity and the motivation that the Dutch students have, help them to achieve their dreams successfully. I hope and it’s my dream to be successful as well in the same way and draw new smiles as a technician. I am still waiting for the residence permit, but I use my time doing some Dutch language training, because I believe that '' Er is altijd iets te doen''...

Note: Keep eating some sweets and just smile.... ( : ”