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“ My name is Ayham.

I have lived in Syria all my life. I studied Applied Chemistry for 3 years at the Damascus university. I remember that my father was proud and he was crying when I told him that I was accepted as a student at Damascus University.
My father had left Syria in 2011 together with my brother that left me taking care of my mother and my little sister.
I thought that I lost my dreams when the war started, but I studied hard trying to finish my study. I lost good friends because of the war, some of them died, some disappeared, some traveled to other places. In 2015 I had to leave Syria as well. The war has taken a big part from our hearts. It was hard to leave our house, friends and family, but it is hard to live there too with the bombs, rockets and the army.

Chemistry created a world inside of me. When I was in the lab, I felt I was in a safe place. Studying was difficult, but staying without a study is even more difficult. Now I am here in the Netherlands hoping for a good future. I know there are many things waiting for me. I just need to keep looking for it.

The past 5 years, I learned to be positive and I know nothing will happen, until it has happened. Not to worry, because worrying can’t stop the problem. All the money in this world doesn’t replace the people you lost. Knowledge brings you in a higher place, even if you don’t feel it. I wish I soon can continue my study and I wish to see my father soon and to be able to go back to my country when there’s peace. I love the Netherlands very much. The students in the Netherlands, they are brave to ask questions. I made good friends here. But even though Syria is sad place now, still nothing can replace home.

All of my dreams are about how to end this war and finish my study to help rebuilding my country. ”