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“ My name is Muhammad Alo.

I was studying Technical engineering at Aleppo University in Syria . I was living with 3 friends in a big house, we studied and cooked together and we used to have a lot of fun together. It felt like a family. Now all my friends and contacts have fled from Syria and I am worried about their conditions.
I’m a very ambitious student. I was spending most of my time at the University, going to lectures, teaching my friends and learning Japanese too! Study was a big part of my life. I drew my plans up a few years ago to study very hard to be one of the Superior students in college – which I became - then my plan was to complete my master in Europe or Japan by a scholarship financed by the Syrian government. I had a dream, which I still have; to become a professor and lecture students in order to contribute to a clever and smart generation. Because of this ambition, I stayed in Aleppo City for 3 years under bombing, risking my life.
I believe that through my study I will succeed in creating a better life for me and for others. I think studying in the Netherlands is easier and more effective because it has the attention of the government. I noticed that the Dutch students have a open mind and they are very active. I would like to share my optimistic view and my dreams with them. I think it’s nice to share our experiences, to talk with each other and have fun too. I look forward to creating a better life and achieving my ambitions here in the Netherlands.