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Miguel Moreira Mata
23 years old, Aachen, Germany

Study: Bachelor of Music (Clarinet)
At: Hochschule for Muik und Tanz Koln
“ Since I remember music was all around me. When I was 12, I started to play clarinet. And suddenly comes the Idea of studying in Germany. It wasn't accidental at all... I have learnt about the greatest composers and musicians from Germany and I knew that there are the best Music Academies. Slowly, it became my dream... To study in one of those universities. And here I am! I live in Aachen in 18qm room, in cool flat with great location. I pay 220euros per month - so it is quiet profitable. I lead an amazing life, I have lots of unforgettable experiences, I have met lots of incredibly interesting people... But in the beginning it wasn't that easy. When I came here, I couldn't say a word in German so I have to tackled with learning a new language, find a place to live and to get used to everything new... but I have managed it!! When I look back, I know that it was worth it... I have lots of rehearsals in the Academy now, I undertake many music projects, I have a job... but what is more, I have a great chance to experience living abroad in different culture, among different people! This is indescribable!! ”