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Kristina Reinhard
Cologne, Germany

Study: Multilingual Communication (English and French)
At: Cologne University of applied Sciences

At: Cologne University of Applied Sciences

“When I started my studies last year, I decided to move to Cologne. It was really difficult to find an affordable flat, but after six months, I found the perfect one: 20qm, 260€ (As I live only 6 minutes from the city centre, it is quite cheap for Cologne! ). 20qm doesn’t sound much, but because of a special wooden construction which replaces my bedroom, I have more place for me than expected!

Apart from my studies, I work as a waitress for several agencies and as a cloak room attendant in a disco at night.
After my studies, I would like to start an internationally-oriented career: Considering about conference interpreting or translating.” ”