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Ioanna Dapka
29 years old, Cologne, Germany

Study: Major:International Business Minor: International Marketing
At: Cologne University of applied Sciences
“ I share a 3 room apartment in central Cologne with a roommate. My rent is 475€ which is very affordable for this city. Next to my studies, I work fulltime as management assistant for an english shoe brand. People often ask me how I can manage studies with a fulltime Job. The answer is simple: When you want to be independent you have to sacrifice a lot.
My plan after finishing studies is work abroad. The good thing is that I can stay in the company after my graduation. I would love to move to England and work in the marketing department in the company’s headquarters. Or being responsible for their stores in Greece, the country I am originally from.
I guess I should feel very lucky that I have already a secure Job after graduation. Most of my friends who are done with their studies here weren't able to find a Job so they had to continue studies or accept the first job that they get offered. ”