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Maura Henkes
19 years old, Delft, Netherlands

Study: Engineering
At: Technological University Delft
“ I'm from Geervliet a village near Spijkenisse(near Rotterdam). I pay €447.26 a month (where is my subsidie!?). I live her since november 2011, when this studentappartement complex was produced.A part of the furniture is fabrcated by my father. I like that a lot.I wil rent this room until i'm finished with my studies.After that i don't know exactly what i wil do. Probably something with sustainability.I think one year off after my bachelor.We live with 2 boys and two girls on this floor part with common bathroom, toilet, kitchen and GR(?) My room is 24m2. I don't have a new student job after my job, which will end soon, what i do now, at the Army Museum. ”